Loving life exactly as it is

It is so tempting to believe that the things outside of us create our happiness.

We often want to believe, “once I get 10 more pounds off, I will finally be happy,” or, “once I find someone who completes me I will be happy.”

I can keep going.

“If my husband would stop being so pessimistic maybe I could see a little more joy in life.”

“I want to be happy, but nothing is going how I pictured it.”

There are so many toxic thoughts.

But what if I told you that you are fully capable of loving your life exactly how it is right now? No buts, no ands.

Now for those of you in certain situations, it’s fully possible you may not WANT to love your life how it is (abuse, addiction, etc.) but accepting where you are can give you a kickstart to making the changes you desire.

Circumstances do not create Happiness

Now, we hear all the time that “you don’t need a lot of money to be happy”, or, “material goods don’t buy happiness”, and it seems like most of us have a pretty basic grip on that concept. But, when it comes to all circumstances, we seem to think that some create happiness and others create sadness.

That is simply not true. It is our THOUGHTS about them that create our feelings.

Stick with me.

As is explained in the video below, there are a lot of celebrities who are totally unhappy. Some of us look at their circumstances and wonder how on earth that is possible! But, it’s because of their thoughts, which is totally understandable.

So if they think, “gosh, I just wish the swimming pool maintenance would come on time for ONCE!” then they experience frustration, and are therefore, not happy.

In the same light, some people have very “difficult” circumstances, but manage to be “oh so happy” and grateful. An example is Sarah Frei. Sarah Frei is a high school cheerleader who was hit by a drunk driver and is now paralyzed from the waist down and had to have both of her legs amputated. She has been in the hospital for quite some time and has quite a bit of time to go.

Now, Sarah has her ups and downs, but she has many thoughts that allow her to be happy and grateful. She’s grateful she was able to keep half of her legs, and she feels happy when she has thoughts about that.

See? Sarah is going through a “difficult” circumstance and is experiencing a lot of happiness and gratitude. In comparison, unnamed celebrity has close to “perfect” circumstances, and is experiencing frustration.

Loving YOUR Life

Okay, so we (kind of) understand that circumstances don’t create our happiness.

So, now what?

I want you to think about all the things you are waiting for to start loving your life. Are you waiting til you are married? Until you have children? Until you land that promotion?

What if what you have right now is totally enough? I used to think that something would change, that I would stumble upon a pill or an opportunity that would fabricate that happiness.

Yes, I am telling you you can choose to be happy. I’m sorry. I hate hearing that too, sometimes. But it doesn’t mean you choose to be happy ALL the time, that would be kind of creepy. And it also doesn’t mean you successfully choose to be happy, even when you are trying to.

All it means is that loving your life and being happy and content is totally and completely in your power.

Isn’t that kind of exciting?

Isn’t it exciting that your roommates don’t have to start doing their dishes for you to love your life? That school doesn’t have to become easy? That you don’t have to start making twice your paycheck? That prince charming doesn’t have to show up on horseback?

NONE of that has to happen, all that has to happen takes place inside of your brain.

As we make your mind a better place to live, your REALITY can also become a much better place to live.

Watch the video below on this for more info. Stay calm guys, I love you!

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