7 lessons I learned from Disney Pixar’s Soul

I love pixar movies.

They teach so many good lessons, and they are obviously geared towards children, but the lessons they teach are needed by everyone.

Toy Story taught parents how to handle the pain of watching their children become more independent.

Cars taught us to slow down and take in the view.

Inside Out showed us that being sad is okay.

Now, Soul.

I love this movie.

I have picked 7 lessons I learned from this story that I can’t wait to share with you all.

1. Pizza is amazing and can fix sadness

Okay, this one was meant to be a bit of a joke.

But it’s true.

We need food and sleep to be able to function well.

Next time you seem unusually emotional, try to take a nap, or eat a snack. Like snickers says, “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Watch a video all about this here.

2. Talents do not equal purpose– existence is purpose.

Although it’s awesome to look for our gifts and enhance our talents, they are not what make us worthy.

We came to this earth worth just as much as everyone else.

Many people, perhaps you, feel like they don’t have many talents.

I feel like a lot of this is because we have a misunderstanding of what talents are, talents can look like ability and they can also be in our heads, in our homes, quietly changing the lives of others.

But here’s the question: why is it a problem if you’re not “talented”?

I really believe every human is equal, and we all have so much to offer just by being here. By existing. By waking up each day. By being a part of the universe.

You don’t need to “do” anything to be worth something, or to have purpose. You have already made it.

3. Achievement and success don’t bring lasting happiness.

When we set our minds to something that’s going to “make” us happy, we will be sorely disappointed when we get that thing, and we feel the same.

In the words of Joe Gardner, “I just thought I would feel… different.”

Things and success and achievement don’t make us happy, we make us happy.

Choosing to see the good in ourselves, our lives, and the wonderful people around us, that’s what makes us happy.

4. Anything can bring us immense amounts of joy- including a lollipop from the “kids only” bucket.

Having said that things can’t bring us happiness, they also can.

When we choose to love something, we decide it’s the best thing ever, we think happy thoughts about it and therefore feel happy.

22 was so excited about that lollipop. She found so much joy from such a simple thing.

We can do the same thing.

When you love something, take a moment to savor it. Love it.

Give thanks for it.

I promise, your daily happiness will increase exponentially.

5. Everyone has a story worth telling- you just have to remember to ask.

With lollipop in hand, 22 learns so much about a hairdresser Joe has seen for years.

Because she asked.

People have so much to share.

We just have to ask them.

6. Following your dreams is only worth it if you know you already have an amazing life- otherwise arriving at the dream will be a huge letdown.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the thing you are chasing doesn’t have the power to “make” you happy.

The trick is to love your life how it is right now.

Then everything you succeed in and the dreams you attain can become wonderful additions to your life.

If you don’t practice looking for the good in things and loving them, then the high of accomplishing a goal with dissipate quickly, as it did for Joe after his show.

7. It’s okay to be scared to live- but try it out and it might even more incredible than you had ever imagined.

22 was terrified to live.

Just as many of you are.

Just as I am sometimes.

We are scared to drop our fears, or move with them, and go forward.

It’s like we are scared to love life, because what if it hurts us again?

But try it.

Love it.

Risk falling in love with your life.

You might find it’s even more incredible than you had ever imagined.

I love you guys, stay calm.

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