Love: My Favorite Feeling

Everyone wants to feel loved.

It feels so good to feel like you are loved, cared for, admired.

But did you know it’s actually not possible to feel someone else’s love?

We think thoughts like, “oh they must love me so much,” or, “it’s so good to be loved.” and then we feel that love.

But you can feel love whenever you want to.

Your husband doesn’t have to change a thing.

Your friends don’t have to text back faster.

Your sister-in-law doesn’t need to stop feeling passive aggressive, and you can still feel love.

But how? Let me show you.

The Benefits of Feeling Love

Sometimes hate, anger, etc., feels extremely justified.

When we think “I should just love them”… we feel some resentment most of the time, because we feel they don’t deserve our love.

But guess what? You are the only one who actually benefits from loving them.

Because hate feels crappy. It feels good for a moment, but love is a long lasting feeling that just feels warm and comforting.

But the other person? They can’t “feel” your love.

In fact, you loving them might just infuriate them, confuse them, it could trigger a myriad of thoughts for them.

So by loving someone else you aren’t doing them any favors, you are doing yourself a favor.

Because you get to feel love.

I talk more about this and how it changed me in my most recent podcast, Episode 12: Love: the Best Feeling. Give it a listen.

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