My Story

As a recent high school graduate and over achiever, I was extremely confident when leaving my home to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Paraguay. I was overly confident.

I remember saying to a friend, “I don’t get why missionaries come home early for “anxiety”. Everyone gets stressed.” Well, apparently God knew I needed some humbling and a significant life lesson. Because within 7 months as a missionary, I experienced varying levels of depression, anxiety, and was diagnosed with panic disorder.

Flash forward to now, I have been on several different medications to find the right fit for me. I have worked with 4-5 different therapists and have learned a variety of tools from each of them. 

Little did I know that it wouldn’t just be therapy that was life changing for me, but that I would stumble upon the perfect thing for me: Life Coaching. Through Jody Moore & her Be Bold program, I have truly learned how to take responsibility for my emotions, that anxiety can’t hurt me, and that life is supposed to be full of ups and downs. I’m now happily married to the love of my life and we’re so excited to chase our dreams together. 

Through this blog I strive to teach young people how to have happy lives in the midst of anxiety & depression through the tools I’ve learned and continue to learn each day. 

I do not claim to be a therapist, but rather an aspiring life coach who is learning everything she can and sharing it all because I can’t wait for everyone to learn what I’ve learned to improve their lives. Stay calm, I love you. 

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You have really made me feel like I am not alone and that there really is hope. You have also helped me fee like all the things I feel, especially with suicide ideation, that I am not crazy or alone. Thank you for giving me a place to find daily hope and reassurance.

Jackson keller-20

I’m so grateful for Mallory’s page because she always validates my feelings. I find myself thinking “I am so dumb for feeling ____. Nobody else feels like this.” But her posts help me realize I’m not the only one feeling certain things and that EVERYONE has experienced these feelings to some degree. So grateful for her personal experiences and vulnerability.

Sofia Hayes-22

Mallory is an awesome person to talk to. I have always felt alone in my struggles with mental health, but talking to Mallory made me feel like I was heard and validated.


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